Tamara Splitter has been a competitive athlete for 38 years (from the age of 11!). Initially as a cyclist, and then a long distance runner, the bodybuilding bug bit her at age 19.

Since then, Tamara has added decades of experience and a myriad of credentials to her resume, including the title of 2009 overall masters and open bodybuilding champion, as well as being a 5 time national athlete. Moreover, Tamara is a certified sports nutritionist, personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach and exercise and rehab therapy coach.

I didn’t realize it in the beginning, but my enthusiasm and dedication to health and fitness was inspiring another lady to also come to the gym before work. She was very shy and overweight and came to me one morning to tell me “knowing that you will be here every morning makes me get my butt out of bed and come too”. What a great feeling that was for me! I soon realized that I wanted to share my same enthusiasm for nutrition and fitness and help others achieve their goals.

Since 2006, Tamara has been a full time sports and nutrition coach through her own company Tzone Fitness. Tamara has coached 2 clients to the IFBB pro ranks and although retired from bodybuilding in 2018, still actively coaches many athletes at all levels.

Not one to never have a goal, Tamara is now very actively involved in cycling. Tamara logs on average 1600km per month training and racing virtually as well as IRL. Tamara has always coached athletes in all sports, however now, has also become very active in the cycling and triathlon/Iron Man communities.



  • UESCA Certified Cycling Coach
  • CFT Certified Fitness Trainer (ISSA)
  • SSN Specialist in Sports and Performance Nutrition (ISSA)
  • SET Specialist in ExerciseTherapy (ISSA)
  • SSC Specialist in Strength and Conditioning (ISSA)
  • Sports Nutrition (Human Kinetics)
  • Specialist in DNA/Genetic Program Design (ISSA)

Competition History

  • 2023 GFNY Grand Fondo New York City World Championship
  • 2023 Grand Fondo Hincapie Bangor Maine 3rd place women 50+, 6th place overall
  • 2018 Vancouver Pro/Am 2nd Masters and 4th Open HW Bodybuilding
  • 2018 Vancouver Pro Am
  • 2nd Place Masters Bodybuilding, 4th Place open bodybuilding
  • 2016 CBBF National Physique Championships 9th Place Open Physique B, 16th Place Masters
  • 2015 BC Provincial Championships – 3rd Place Master’s Physique, 3rd Place Open Physique B
  • 2014 CBBF Canadian National Physique Championships 16th Place Masters Physique B, 12th Place Open Physique B
  • 2014 BC Provincial Championships – 2nd Place Masters Physique, 3rd Place Tall Physique
  • 2012 CBBF Canadian National Bodybuilding Championships – 8th Place Heavyweight and 7th place Heavyweight Masters
  • 2011 BC Provincial Bodybuilding Championships – 2nd Place Women’s Heavyweight.
  • 2010 BC Provincial Bodybuilding Championships– 1st Place Master’s, 3rd Place Women’s Heavyweight. Qualified for Canadian Bodybuilding Championships
  • 2009 Sandra Wickham Fall Classic (SWFC) – 1st Place Heavyweight, 1st Place Master’s, Best Poser and Overall Champion