“I originally went to see Tamara because I wasn’t eating enough. I knew this but I was having a hard time trying to fix the issue even having done my Sports Nutrition and two other nutrition courses.

I had never thought of doing a bodybuilding show before but after a consult with Tamara I decided that I was going to work towards this to help me with my eating.

The first month it felt like I was eating so much food it was ridiculous, but when I went to see her for my check in I had lost 2 inches off my waist. I actually had to go to a business meeting three months after training with her and none of my pants fit they were all falling off me. I had gone from size 10 size 12 to buying size 4 and size 6 pants. I was completely shocked by this because I’ve never been able to fit into those sizes ever.

I continued training with Tamara and actually competed in my first show March 2017. It was such a wonderful experience that I continued to train with my amazing coach for the following year. I competed again in March 2018 where I won my catagory. Again having Tamara by my side throughout this process was such a great experience.

I continue to train with her and wouldn’t have it any other way. She is such a great support and truly cares about her clients.”
– Jeanne Brown

Tamara Knight has been my coach since the summer of 2015. During that time Tamara prepared me for my first figure competition in March of 2016 where I took second place in masters figure category.

I spent years being inconsistent with my diet with little to no exercise in place. My all time heaviest was in 2012, when I weighed in at a hefty 236 lbs.

Since starting with Tamara my outlook on nutrition and training changed forever. She gave me all the tools I needed to eat and train according to what my body required. The results were incredible, with changes occurring on an almost weekly basis.

I do not believe I could have accomplished my goal of competing in a bodybuilding competition had it not been for Tamara’s sound nutritional expertise and guidance, training regimen and motivational/empowering style of coaching.

Tamara is consistent, reliable and always available to answer any questions I have. She continually inspires and motivates me to be the best I can be on a daily basis. I don’t believe there is a better coach out there for what I required to achieve something I once thought was impossible. She is the true definition of what coaching is!
– Michelle Whitehouse

 “I have worked with Tamara Knight (T Zone Fitness) for little over a year. Tamara is extremely knowledgeable and is the true definition of “evil”, she knows just how and when its time to encourage me to push above and beyond. Tamara is always quick to get in touch with you and never has hesitation to respond back to a message. I’m forever grateful and blessed to learn from her. I recommend her with out hesitation.”
Rachelle Pelletier – National Level Bikini Athlete

Going back 5 years was first when I heard of Tamara Knight, at that time I was training for a bodybuilding competition (that’s my choice of sports) under the guidance of another trainer/coach. Since other participants and I trained at the same fitness centre what drew me was the results that other’s were getting, the feed back was nothing but praise of how Tamara works with her team one on one, the attention to detail ,dedication, drive and motivation, performance level is amazing.
I have seen the transformations in the bodies of my competitors first hand before and after the competitions.

Last year I set a goal for myself to do the November 2014 bodybuilding Competition and I did it with great results, as a natural bodybuilder I am now going into my next challenge in November 2015 and the transformation is spectacular, I have put on lots of size (muscle) body fat is considerably lower, my energy and focus is great. There is no way I could have gotten to this point without Tamara being in my corner, when you have a good thing going you hang onto it, I’m looking forward to next year and the future, working with Tamara to achieve our (my) goals . She is a positive influence in the fitness and healthy lifestyle of myself and extended family and highly recommended.
D. Gosal

On August 28, 2014 my life changed forever. I met Tamara Knight. I came to Tamara with a major goal I wanted to achieve… I wanted to compete in my first men’s physique competition at 45 years old with Type 1 insulin dependent diabetes.

The progress we have made in the last 49 days is truly incredible! The week before I met Tamara I used 332 units of fast acting insulin. After the first week of being on her nutrition plan I consumed only 133 units of fast acting insulin – a WHOPPING 100 less units. Incredible right? Well… it gets better. I just finished my 6th week on her program and I’m down to only taking 24 units A WEEK!!!

I recently met with my diabetic specialist and she informed me that if I can keep this up I will be OFF INSULIN all together which is very rare. I’m so happy with our progress and I haven’t even spoken of my physical appearance yet. My day one photo at 228 lbs to today’s photo at 226.4 lbs is amazing. I’ve traded in my body fat for muscle. I’m well on my way to reaching my goal of competing in the May 2015 physique show in Kelowna.

I describe Tamara to my friends, family and doctors as my Guardian Angel and that is an understatement. She has truly changed my life. She is professional and inspirational. I look forward to being coached and guided by Tamara for a very long time!

If anyone who reads this is or knows a diabetic I highly recommend that you contact Tamara Knight. She will save your life!
Rob Leoni – North Vancouver

I came to Tamara Knight as an athlete looking to improve my overall performance in the world of running and Triathlons. I was tired of fighting injuries and seeing various specialists to “mend” my injuries. I knew I needed to find the root of the cause and stop treating the symptoms.

Tamara immediately identified nutrition to be the starting block-strengthening would quickly follow. By changing how much and what I was eating has made a tremendous difference. Tamara has not only given me a plan, but has educated me on what our bodies need for nutrition along with when and how to eat for optimum performance.
In the beginning stages of working with Tamara I remember calling her and politely explaining that I felt I was eating too much! I now know she was smiling as she replied “just eat what I tell you, you will be fine, feel free to vent, I am always here to listen” That day I had the best workout. My energy was unbelievable-it was at that moment that I knew I had found someone who had my best interests at heart. Since then my overall performance has improved, I have received many compliments with various people asking me what I have done. I smile inside and say “I am eating lots of great food.”

Tamara has helped change my life for the better. We now continue to improve strength and feed those muscles. I have learned that you can look “FIT” but not actually be “healthy.” Being a truly fit athlete involves both entities of physical training and being nutritionally disciplined.

Thank-you Tamara Knight!
C. Stevenson

 I have known Tamara for at least 6 years – in this time I have seen her talk the talk and walk the walk but I had not taken the opportunity to work with her until this last spring. I believe she doesn’t ask her clients to do anything she hasn’t done herself. She is knowledgeable with a no-nonsense attitude, offering a direct approach, with some tough love. She is professional, a caring individual with a huge heart that always has her client’s best health interest in mind.

I approached Tamara looking for direction while I was preparing to compete in my third Figure show in Spring 2014 after working with another “sports nutritionist”. I was stressed and frustrated with my lack of progress and felt like I was in limbo. I felt I was lacking in the nutritional guidance I needed and was very anxious about how things were not progressing as I thought they should.

The first official meeting I had with Tamara, we discussed how I had been eating and what needed to change. Tamara has a “take charge attitude” – and told me, “not to worry about a thing – that was her job.” When I knew that my diet was in Tamara’s hands, my training became stronger. It was like a ‘weight’ was lifted from my shoulders and I was able to put more energy into my training.

Tamara is on point, gives encouragement and explanation when needed and is quick to answer any questions you may have. She has helped me build a healthy metabolism and stay healthy in between shows. She has taught me how to eat that is conducive to my training regime both in training season, post show (extremely important) and off season and explained ‘why’ this is important. My “before Tamara” and “after Tamara” pictures demonstrate the change in my body and the progression of my journey thus far.

Tamara has opened my eyes to nutrition, taught me ‘how to eat’, all the while keeping my body healthy and bringing it where it needed to be for show presentation.

Tamara is a woman of integrity and dedication and has a passion for the health and the well-being of each and every one of her clients. I would not hesitate in recommending her services and expertise to anyone – I actually encourage you to utilize her knowledge – you won’t regret it.
Annette Willson, Grandmaster Figure Athlete


 I was referred to Tamara in June 2013. I had struggled with my body after my first figure competition. I was extremely frustrated and down on myself. Tamara has completely transformed my body and the way I look at food. She is always there for her clients at any time to answer questions, give encouragement, or even tough love. Every client’s success is a top priority. She is an inspiration inside and out and not only practices what she preaches, she lives it 100% everyday! You will not find another trainer more invested in your success. Failure simply is not an option.
Mandy Urner

“I have been working with Tamara, I call her coach “T” since Jan 2012. I have been a yo-yo dieter most of my adult life, always looking for the quick fix. Tamara has taught me that becoming fit and healthy is a journey and that it is not always smooth sailing. She has encouraged me to explore the reasons why I fall off the wagon and is there to help me get back on my journey. I have lost thirty pounds and have dropped nine sizes. I am so glad that coach “T” came into my life and I know I will continue working with her for sometime to come. Thanks Coach “T”

Tamara is a woman of integrity and dedication and has a passion for the health and the well-being of each and every one of her clients. I would not hesitate in recommending her services and expertise to anyone – I actually encourage you to utilize her knowledge – you won’t regret it.
Tracey Watson


I started working with Tamara to gain strength for my outdoor sporting activities. I am a snowmobiling enthusiast, as well as hiking and quad ding. Our first time out this year on our snowmobiles was amazing for me. I did as much digging and pushing as all the guys but I have to say I was the only one not huffing and puffing during the day. The following days I felt normal and not like i had been hit by a truck as I used to before I trained. I really did not believe it would have made that much of a difference if I had not done it for myself.
Jim Ward, Langley

 My life experience has taught me that there are many ways to “lose weight”. A few years ago, I found myself struggling with depression and health problems as I began my own weight loss journey from 215 lbs. Along the way, I received endless “tips” and advice from various sources, some good…. some not so good. It wasn’t until I had a reality check and started talking to Tamara about true and healthy FAT loss that I really made a connection. There is no quick fix pill there is no magic remedy… but if you can put yourself first and dedicate yourself to making healthy changes, you WILL see results that last a lifetime.I learned that a commitment to yourself is the most important thing.Having someone who will support and arm you with the right tools to make the right decisions is essential.Tamara was that person for me. When you decide it is time to take care of YOU, everything else will fall into place.The journey may not always be easy, but with the right support and education, it can be empowering, life altering and enjoyable. I went from a 22 dress size to a size 6 and there are no words to describe how fantastic that feels. Thank you Tamara!
Andrea Peters

 I was referred to Tamara by my chiropractor. I was in constant pain from arthritis and degenerative disc disease from my neck to my low back. Since working with Tamara I am happy to say I have been pain free for the past six months.

It is the first time in years I remember feeling this good. I feel great. I can actually see definition in my body and as an extra added bonus, I have lost 25 pounds. She is an amazing inspiration and so easy to work with.
Anna Ward, Langley

For the past year both my wife and I have been clients of Tamara Knight, I am 62 and my wife 54.The impact that her guidance and council has had upon our fitness and our health has been remarkable.

Personally I have lost 30lbs and gone from having high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, and triglycerides as well as blood glucose levels in the diabetic range to normal blood chemistries across the board. My wife has dramatically improved her strength, endurance and overall health.

I highly recommend Tamara’s services to anyone who is serious about a lifestyle change.Her extensive knowledge of fitness and nutrition and a no nonsense approach to training guarantees success to anyone willing to make the commitment to better health.”
DR J.M. Wyner B.P.H.E.

I have been a serial dieter for the last probably 30+ years. I lose weight, feel pretty good, quit what I am doing right and slide back into my old habits; gaining the weight back and then some.

This year has been different. At the beginning of the year I worked with Tamara just on “eating clean”.

With Tamara’s help, this has become a new lifestyle for me and I seriously doubt I would ever go back to my old ways.

About 4 months ago, I started working out with Tamara just once a week. Tamara then has me do several more workouts on my own between visits. She motivates me to do these workouts and I can see myself getting stronger in the mirrors at her studio.

My progress on the treadmill has been incredible! When I workout with Tamara she is totally focused on me and my posture and form. Before starting this I had my doubts about what kind of difference once a week with her could make but now I can’t imagine not doing this.

Tamara helps me set new goals. She pushes me to try harder. She inspires me to believe that anything is possible. At a point where I would probably be satisfied, she helps me to push towards the finish line. She keeps me accountable. She reviews my food diary and makes suggestions for where I could improve. Her knowledge about health and our bodies is tremendous.

I highly recommend using a personal trainer and I highly recommend Tamara Knight.”
K Penn, Langley